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Of course the rock hopper would like more distance but no one craves distance like the beach angler. Rock hoppers and beach fisherman alike need to check out the Silstar Horizon Long Cast.

Silstar is offering you an affordable long cast fishing reel to get the distance you so crave. Time and again you throw your first bait at the waves only to be completely underwhelmed as it falls a disappointing 30 meters short of your target. Sometimes you just can’t work out why. But that disappointment turns to tears as a school of whopping size tailor cruise past just out of reach. Maybe it’s the wind, maybe the line is too heavy, or maybe you just need to get yourself a Silstar Horizon Long Cast Fishing Reel.

Casting aids such as impact clips and the like are all well and good, but still without the right reel you are still not going to get there. You need a long cast spinning reel that is specifically designed to cast your bait a long way. The Silstar Horizon Long Cast Reel is such a creature. With the correct fishing rod, creating a balanced outfit, you’ll be nothing short of blown away as you hit the last line of breakers, exactly where you saw those, “just out of reach” Tailor you tried to catch last outing. This is a fantastic, affordable fishing reel. The big anodised aluminium spool will hold huge amounts of line. It has to, you’ll cast half a spool every time. Figuratively speaking of course.

Features and Specifications

  • Model: Silsar Horizon Reel : Model HO 80
  • Long Casting Fishing Reel – Suitable for beach or rock fishing
  • 4 High quality stainless steel ball bearings
  • 2 tone anodised aluminium spool
  • CNC Handle Arm
  • Thick bail wire
  • Stainless steel main shaft
  • Gear ratio 4.1:1
  • Approximate fishing line capacity 480 metres of 11kg or 380 metres of 14kg (based on suffix super 21 mono)
  • Approximate braid capacity 500 metres of 50lb

Fishing Application and Rod Selection Guide

The Silstar Horizon long cast H080 will suit a surf rod 12ft or greater. With such a rig you will be able to hunt the big surfside predators such as Australian Salmon, Tailor, Mackerel, Mulloway and more. While suitable for a fibreglass rod, do yourself a favour and match it to a composite or full graphite stick so you to do your new casting reel justice and if you need assistance picking a suitable fishing rod from our online fishing store then simply contact us.


  • Light weight, with understated appeal.
  • Robust construction, built to handle the harsh surf environment.
  • Lightweight graphite construction provides excellent strength.
  • Brilliant casting qualities giving you access and distance like never before.
  • Affordably priced so you can get one now.

Do yourself a favour and achieve the distance in casts you have always desired. Match and balance the Silstar Horizon Long Cast with the surf rod of your choice and start throwing toward the horizon. With a little practice you’ll be a casting pro in no time. Put a Silstar Horizon reel in your shopping cart now and hit the beach this weekend. Be the first of your fishing mates to get one. They will be so impressed with the distance and you’ll have all the bragging rights.

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